You're a PhD, Where Do You Really Want to Work? We combine the energy and enthusiasm of a startup with the research rigor of a university and the potential for impact of a large company. Research problems come from internal sources, government labs, academia, and large companies. We entered this business because we love to solve computational research problems. Do you?

Why You Should Join Cadre

  •  We believe in turning down uninteresting projects so that we can focus on the few that are truly important and exciting.
  •  We believe in extensive collaboration and cross-pollination, which allows us to innovate in a way that others cannot.
  •  We believe in continued education through discussion, reading journals, and attending seminars and conferences.
  •  We believe in creating an environment and work culture combining the strengths of both academia and industry.
  •  We are similar to academia with respect to our work environment, problems solved, and colleagues.
  •  We are similar to industry with respect to hustle, deliverables, and impact.
  •  We maintain the highest quality research associates. It is difficult to get a job at Cadre, but once you're here you'll be happy!
  •  We believe in equality and fairness both with respect to ideas, responsibilities, and compensation.

Where We're Located

Our main office is in Chicago; however, we have associates located across North America (Research Team (click)).

How to Apply

Our one-page Research Associate posting is here (pdf link). After reading this document, you should complete an online Associate Application (see button below). We will review your file and get in touch regarding possible phone and in-person interviews. Once you are accepted into the Cadre team you will typically start as a member of our distributed associate network and will have the opportunity to be involved with the CRL team on specific research projects. After you have been involved with several successfully completed projects we will talk with you about your interest in advancing your role to assume additional responsibilities and possible full-time employment. So let's get started! Let's hear from you!