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TopMatch-GS 3D

3D Imaging & Analysis for Firearm Forensics

Micron-Scale Surface Geometry

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Maximally Bridged Ring Detection

Collaboration with Professor Richmond Sarpong (UC Berkeley)

Algorithm to Aid Chemical Syntheis Planning

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Intelligent Computing for Scientific Research

Cadre Research Labs (CRL) is a Scientific Computing Research Group specializing in Algorithm and Technology Development within the Pharmaceutical and Forensic sciences. Leveraging both internally developed and university sourced research, Cadre goes beyond off-the-shelf technology to develop the next generation of research and discovery tools. Cadre's core of Computer Science and Life Science PhDs provide unparalleled interdisciplinary research expertise. We specialize in utilizing techniques from Machine Learning, Algorithm Development, Data Mining, and Computational Biology to tackle custom computational challenges.

Applied Machine Learning & Big Data

Learn about Big Data, Data Science, and Deep Learning